Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quick catch up

It seems I have been quite absent from Blogger lately! I usually only like to post if I have something cool to report, or a lot of pictures. Right now I have neither! So I'll keep it short and sweet!
We had the nicest, mildest winter, then as soon as spring came, it decided to go back to winter! It was cold and we had a lot of WIND! We have 2 giant trees in our front yard and whenever it gets windy we get lots of falling branches. Usually they're small and don't cause problems, but one finally did and my car was the victim :(
My cute friend Ang has been mostly MIA since having a baby 15 months ago. We finally convinced her to come out with us last week.
Me, Jen and Ang at Doug Fir
Kelly, me, Ang and Jen
Last Wednesday marked the first of MANY exciting things that Rick and I have coming up in the next several months. It is seriously going to be non-stop. I should have LOTS of great pictures to share in the next couple months, that's for sure! Wednesday we went with Bill & Misty to a nice dinner, then to Cirque du Soleil's show, Kooza.
Misty & I in front of the Grand Chapiteau
If you have thought about going to see the show, I am here to tell you-DO go see it. It is worth every penny and you will be amazed and entertained for 2 hours straight. We really loved it.
Other than that I have been keeping busy working and of course getting through my very last semester at PSU! Luckily it is a fairly easy semester, which is great after last semester. Now I'm just a mere 8 weeks away from graduation. It sure is coming fast!
Rick and I are very excited to leave for Scottsdale on Wednesday. We'll be there 5 days and look forward to playing on the company's dime :) We are also staying our last night in Phoenix with some friends and plan on going to a Diamondbacks game-my first MLB game ever! The warmth and sunshine in Arizona will be very welcome, that's for sure!
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know we're still alive and kicking and we'll have lots more to blog about soon I'm sure!
Lastly, I just have to say Happy birthday to my friend Erin Linthorst. I think she's having a pretty great birthday, she gave birth to her second son yesterday, Nolan Frank. He is so cute, and I just wish they weren't all the way in Chicago so I could meet him in person! So happy for you Linthorst fam!
That's it for now! xoxo!