Friday, October 31, 2008


Let me tell you a little story about my wedding photographer. I will shorten it up for the sake of not making you sit here and read all night long. Originally, we were promised our wedding pictures in 1 1/2-2 weeks. That time came and went and I waited awhile before I emailed him and asked what the new ETA was, he said another week or so. So another week or so went by, and I waited 2 full weeks before contacting him, and he said another 3-5 days, but he could send me an online album right away. I said that was great: I never got the online album. Time went by, and time went by until the first weekend of October, when I was in Boise, when I emailed him and called him out. I told him that all of this was reflecting poorly on his business, and I suggested that next time he either give people a far more realistic timeline, or deliver in the time you promise. He responded by telling me he didn't need my business advice. Nice, right? I wrote him back and told him he needed to pick a new realistic date that my pictures would be done by, so I wouldn't be disappointed again. He gave me the date of October 13th. He said he would mail me a DVD, but never mentioned an online album again. The 13th came and went, and I didn't hear anything. Friday the 20th came around and he emailed me and said he sent the DVD to the address on my check (my parents address), but it came back to him (which makes no sense since I get mail there all the time). He then said he could deliver it personally over that weekend. The weekend came and went, and no contact. I then gave him my schedule for the entire week and he picked Wednesday the 22nd to come deliver them. Wednesday came and I heard nothing, so I asked him if he was still planning on it, and he said no, it wouldn't work, but how about Thursday? I was so irritated that I didn't even want to see his face. I asked him to stick it in the mail again, with the right address. A week goes by, and nothing comes. So I email him again, ask him if he was able to mail them (nicely) and tell him that I'm starting to fear there ARE no pictures. He doesn't respond.
So I pull out my contract and read it. It says right on there that I will get my pictures and online album in 4-6 weeks after the wedding. As soon as I realize that I email him and say, you broke your contract, fulfill it by end of the day Friday, or MOnday I head to small claims court. I am so over dealing with this whole thing, it's been 10 weeks!!! So he responds and tells me basically how ridiculous it is to threaten him with legal action (what else am I supposed to do??!), and that it won't help. I write him back and say I am dead serious, it's my legal right to get my money back at this point, and I want my pictures! (can you believe this is the shortened version?) So then he writes back all nice saying I'm right, and justified, and he should have taken the contract more seriously and I'll have my online albums by tomorrow (now today), and the DVD is in the mail.
SO! Here are the online albums. I haven't been thru all of them, but Rick said it looks like not all of the pictures are there. So that's more headache to deal with. There is also an album of photoshopped pictures, and one of not. I thought it was taking him all this time because he was photoshopping them all! So now I'm confused as to why that is, but that's a whole new battle. All I know is, even if the pictures are awesome, I will NEVER recommend him.
Here they are. At this very moment, they are still uploading, so they're not all in there yet.


and photoshopped:

Once I get through them all I'll post some, but you can browse for now. Happy trails! Oh, and Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Like I said previously, I am so over political commericals and hearing about why we should or shouldn't vote for someone. I would hope at this point, less than a week prior to the election, that you would have your mind made up. The important thing is to take part in this historical election that will either give this country it's first black President or it's first woman Vice President. It's an amazing year, one that will set a precedent for years to come. So, no matter who you're voting for, VOTE!
And watch this cute video:

Happy voting!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Riley's & Misty's Birthdays

Hi all!
Well it feels like I haven't been taking very many pictures lately, but here are a few that I have.
We celebrated our niece Riley's 8th birthday on October 18th at her house with cake, ice cream and presents and a little Rock Band.
Here is Riley with the cute pink boots we got her :)

Mike giving Riley her cake

Blowing out her 8 candles

Riley with all her Webkinz. The frog and turtle were new

Riley, Kailey and Kailey's friend playing Rock Band on the Wii

me and Riley's Webkinz

I was cracking up at Riley's birthday because Rick and I were trying to play Rock Band, which neither of us had played before. We somehow got the Wii frozen or something so it wouldn't work and none of us adults could get it to work. We had to call down Kailey to fix it for us. It made me feel old! I remember getting my first Nintendo and when my Mom would play it and not know how to do something I would get so frustrated and wonder why she couldn't figure it out. I can't believe that suddenly I'm not up on technology and need help from a 14 year old to figure it out! Sigh, times are a-changin'!
Anyway, I think Riley had a very good birthday, and we had a good time hanging out!

My friend Misty's 30th birthday was Saturday and we went out to Clackamas to Old Chicago to be with her for her birthday. We were also supposed to go to our friend Jaime's Halloween party that night, but never did! Sometimes there is just too much to do :(
Me, Alison and Jen

Misty, the birthday girl, and Amber

Rick (playing video poker) and Bill

And a few pictures of Rocco, for your viewing enjoyment...
Rocco sleeping in a basket thing

Rocco is obsessed lately with my backpack. He likes to ride around in it :)

We're thinking of getting him a harness and leash because he wants to go outside so bad and we don't want him to run away and be an outdoor kitty. I think once he's done growing we'll try it!
All else is good around here. School is keeping me really busy. I just got through midterms. I haven't seen all my grades from the tests yet, but I know I did get a 90 on my finance test. I was very happy about that!
Work picked up a lot in October and that, combined with Rick getting a raise made it so I don't have to get a 2nd job! Thank goodness. I really feel overwhelmed as it is, I can't imagine doing a 2nd job on top of it.
Some of you keep up on Becky's blog...her family had a scare this last week. Becky's sister Karen, who is only 3 years older than me, went to the Dr. with headaches and blurred vision. They found a mass in her brain (this was last Thursday), did brain surgery to remove it and determine if it was cancerous on Saturday. It was very scary for her family as you can imagine, and really hard for Becky, as she is now living in another state. Thankfully it ended up being some malformation of nerves and blood etc that got up there somehow. They removed it and she'll be perfectly fine once she recovers from surgery, in about a month. I am just so relieved it's not cancer. It's so bizarre how we're afflicted with such random things healthwise in our lives.
In other news, the election is next week. Is everyone excited? I can't tell you how happy I will be to not see another political commercial for a long while. This year they seemed more vicious than ever before and I just can't wait for it to be over. I will say I have had amazing conversations with people lately about politics. I haven't argued once, just had great, intelligent, amazing conversations with the people I love, who I admire so much for really thinking things through and doing what they think is right, not what other people tell them is the right thing to do. I am glad we have 2 thought provoking candidates this year who are REALLY making people think twice about what is going on in this country and what we really want and need. To those I have had conversations with lately: thanks for discussing these touchy subjects with me and for being honest and for inspiring me with your concern and care for your kids and for the future of our country. I have been uplifted by your true intelligence and good hearts. Like I always say, I have the BEST friends.
Ok, well for now I am off to do some studying!
Lots of love,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall in the NW

People from other parts of the country may question why we Portlanders choose to live where we do since it rains here so much.
Here is my answer:

I took these 2 pictures from a 1.1 million dollar condo yesterday. It had quite the views. It was 70 here yesterday and you can't beat that blue sky paired with the leaves changing colors. I love fall in Portland.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vegas, baby

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged! Since school started I've been busy! Work has somewhat picked up and it's a lot to juggle!
As Rick said, we went to Vegas last weekend. It was an ok trip. We really felt old by the end of the day and surprised ourselves that we didn't feel like going back out at night after we had walked all day long up and down the strip. We did get a chance to stay with my friends Alison and Brian and their beautiful little girl Olivia, so that was good. It was a lot of fun to play with Olivia, catch up with Ali, and Brian and Rick got along really well. All in all it was a good trip, just not quite as wild as we thought it might be. So, here are the very few pictures I took!
The Bellagio is my favorite hotel, I dream of staying there some day. They change the theme in the conservatory 6 times a year. It was the first time I'd ever seen moving parts in there. It was awesome!

And of course the outside of the Bellagio. I could watch the fountains all day.

Rick and I taking a sitting break outside the Venetian

The sun setting on the Wynn and the new Encore

Rick was so excited to find clear Las Vegas visors at Walgreen's.

Beautiful Olivia

Love this one of her riding Bosley

That's all the pictures from Vegas. Once you've been there a million times you don't feel like taking pictures of all the same ol' stuff anymore!
Back at home:
Rocco laying in a funny shaped container

I don't know if he's fully grown yet. I doubt it, he's still a bit smaller than Penny and she's really small, so we'll see. He is definitely a very good looking man cat :)

Yesterday was Riley's 8th birthday party and I took a few pictures, so I'll get those up soon. Rick and I need to get outside and start doing some winterizing-putting away our tables and chairs and cutting plants back etc. We have 2 ginormous trees out front that haven't even started dropping leaves. That is going to be our biggest fall chore when that happens. I also have 2 midterms this week-Corporate Finance and my Marketing class, so I need to study tonight for those. Like I said, busy, busy!
Hope all of you are well!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hello to everyone in the blogosphere, I'm making my first and probably last blog post. Lauren and I are getting ready to go down to Salem for my niece Riley's birthday today. I have to say that the whole blog concept is pretty new to me. I'm not used to people who I don't know knowing about what I do and even who I am. On the flip side, I'm horrible about communicating things to my family, so Lauren makes it easier for them with her updates. She is very baffled right now that I'm posting an update to our blog and she wants me let all my family members and friends know that wedding thank you cards are coming from me whenever I finally sit down and do them. If anyone knows me, they know that it will probably be awhile. Especially after I finally get my birthday present. Lauren was nice enough to get me a wireless MP3 mixer with wireless headphones. Unfortunately, it's on back order and I don't know when it's going to arrive. I'm sure it's going to drive her crazy when I get it and turbo out for hours on it. We got back from Vegas last weekend, it was fun but we're getting to old to stay in a cheap place way up the strip (Circus Circus, which is amazing for people watching!). Next time, we'll step up our game and stay somewhere nicer. I was pretty much on overload the entire time I was there. So many people and flashing lights and signs. People that know me know what I'm talking about. I think the most amazing thing were the people on the street handing out the cards for "escorts". At times there were more than 40 of them in a row, snapping their cards at you. Annoying, but it must work since their was so many of them. Business is great, my store keeps setting sales records every month. Hopefully, the IPhone will prove to be recession proof. Anyway, enough rambling for now. Hello to everyone out there if I know and I look forward to meeting everyone else in the future. -Rick

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a guy

I just got home from a busy weekend in Boise helping my best friend move. We drove 8 hours from Portland to Boise in the noisy U-Haul (arriving at 1:30 am), unpacked all day Saturday and had some time to relax today. I flew in around 8 tonight and walked in to a surprise! My husband, unasked, took it upon himself to pick up, fold and put away laundry, vacuum, and clean the toilet, sink and mirrors. How did I get so lucky? I definitely have a keeper :)
As far as Becky goes, she doesn't have internet yet, so she can't update, but her place is great and we got a lot of stuff done. Her mom is going to be there for the next several days to get everything else in order. She is mostly settled, and I know she is going to love it there, and that she'll be great in her new setting. It was hard to say goodbye, we had a tearful hug at the airport, but I am so happy and excited for her and her new adventure. Becky and I have been best friends for 20 years and I have been able to rely on her thru thick and thin and letting her go isn't easy, but it would be a lot harder if I didn't think that this was such a great opportunity for her (she's going to school at Boise State). Now I have an excuse to visit Boise more often and get to know Idaho a bit better! Unfortunately we had a very busy weekend and I didn't take one single picture. I'm sure she'll get some up on her blog when she can.
Rick and I are going to Las Vegas this Thursday through Sunday, and we're looking forward to a few bonus days of hot weather before we REALLY set into rainy fall here. Everyone keeps saying how much they love fall here, and I do too, but walking to school, and taking pictures in the chilly rain is NOT my favorite. In fact, I despise taking pictures/working in the rain. Especially when I get soaked from the waist down, then have to go to school like that. Oh well, such is life in Portland!
Hope all is well with all of you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the time has come...

As most of my friends have been feeling the effects of the economy for a long time now, Rick and I have been really lucky and have managed to keep afloat. As a student, I really rely on my student loans to supplement my income while I'm in school. Because I made a decent amount of money last year, they didn't offer me much for student loans this year. Pair that with me working at only about half the capacity of what I normally do this time of year, as well as my tuition at PSU costing a lot more than PCC and it leaves me poor!
So the time has come for me to get a 2nd job. No part of me wants to have to do this, but I don't see how I can go any longer without getting one. I have always found jobs through networking so I thought I'd put my feelers out on here and see if anyone knows of anything. I am looking for something that I could do during any time on the weekends, or Thursday and Friday nights. I work Monday thru Friday now in the mornings, and I have school during the afternoons and evenings Monday thru Wednesday. I'm thinking maybe Starbucks on Saturday and Sunday mornings or something along those lines. So if you know of anything, let me know. I am not looking for very many hours, just something to bring in an extra couple of hundred dollars a month.
Thanks for thinking of me :)