Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lady Gaga!

We bought our Lady Gaga tickets ages ago and had been awaiting the show for months! 8 of us went and the show was great!
The girls at Rialto beforehand-
Heather, Emma, Misty, Tina, Liz and me
Liz and Tina-BF's
Liz and a stranger on the MAX, also headed to the show
Tina & Rick on the MAX
These girls were only a small hint of the costumes we saw the fans in, at the show. It was almost as entertaining as the show itself!
Lady Gaga and the first set
The girls in front of us and what they were wearing (we didn't know them!)
Gaga in all her craziness!
Emma and Heather
Rick and his very sweaty wife (it was HOT in there!)
Gaga's fairy outfit. Even the things on her head were moving!
Oops Emma wasn't ready, and I didn't get the shades memo!
Liz took a very expensive nap during the show
My favorite set-the awesome monster!
All in all, it was very entertaining. So glad we went! We are now done with shows and concerts til the next good thing comes along!