Monday, August 31, 2009

The Big Haul

Rick's parents came up on Saturday and helped us do the big construction debris clean up in our yard. Sadly we've been accumulating all that construction debris for 6 months in our yard.
The deck was covered with junk, this is the deck after Rick hauled all the stuff to the back. Remember we had to rip up that section back in April to get to plumbing.

The deck looking the other way with the hideous gate that I have always hated.

A better shot without the gate

The back and shed with all the junk. The shed has been filled with a bunch of crap since Rick moved in, we were even able to get rid of that crap!

More junk

The other side of our house-where we took the very first stuff out-the old bathroom shower door and vanity etc

Looking at the yard the other way

Our first load to the dump was exactly a ton-2000 lbs.

Rick ripping up the deck

Our last load was nothing but wood-2080 lbs.

The side yard after

The yard after

Looking back at the shed after

and no deck!! We also ripped all the gutters off the house. They didn't even have a downspout so there was zero point to them. I am so happy they're gone!

So this coming weekend we put in a new deck or patio. We haven't decided which yet. We think it'll be a deck, but a little different than the last one. We are planning on having some people over on the 13th of September so we just gave ourselves a big fat deadline. There is still a lot to do before then, but I think we can do it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our first anniversary

We had a great time in Bend for our anniversary. We spent some much needed time relaxing and hanging out. We were able to have dinner with our friends The Cases one night, and had a couple's massage in our room on Sunday morning, which was heaven!!
Sunday afternoon we went to the High Desert Museum, which was fun. We were disappointed because the otter they have was hiding, and so were most of the other animals, like their fox, and porcupine, but we saw a few cool birds, and we were really impressed with their displays inside about Native Americans etc. We learned a lot actually.
This fat little guy begged welcomed us

Rick and a tipi at the museum

The museum grounds

Rainbow trout

Trout pond

The view upriver of the Deschutes from the bluff where our hotel was

And downriver towards town

Rick and I on our way to our romantic dinner at the Blacksmith

My dinner: filet mignon with pancetta and gorgonzola, and grilled peaches. It was truly amazing.

Rick's dinner: tri-tip with sour cream and tortilla strips, on a potato pancake and some sort of corn soup.

Our waiter making bananas foster. It even came on top of a dish with banana bread cubes. It also was amazing. I highly recommend the Blacksmith. It was delicious and really not all that expensive.

Happy anniversary!

Monday we came home over Santiam pass and stopped at a little place on the North Fork of the Santiam, a place that Rick used to go growing up.
Salmon Falls

Clear water and river rock

Another of the falls.

All in all we had a really great time. It's hard to believe a year has gone by already!
Yesterday Rick and I were able to get the kitchen floor all grouted and finish the tile behind the kitchen sink. Getting closer and closer!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary Rick!

Tomorrow is our first anniversary! We are headed out of town to Bend for the weekend, but I wanted to make sure and publicly tell my husband Happy Anniversary!
Our wedding day was perfect and beautiful and this last year has been great, even though we've spend half of it with all sorts of stress remodeling our house. Rick is truly a great husband, and he spends so much of his time and efforts doing whatever it takes to make me happy.

Thank you for always telling me how beautiful I am, even when I don't feel like it.

Thank you for letting me do nice things for you, which makes me happy.

Thank you for standing by my side and supporting me.

Thank you for being spontaneous and loving to surprise me.

Thank you for always kissing me goodnight.

Thank you for holding my hand, and going places with me, even if you don't want to.

Thank you for giving me all the independence I need and want.

Thank you for making life exciting!

Thank you for standing up for me.

Most of all thank you for loving and supporting me and for being the best friend and husband a girl could ask for. Congratulations on one happy year, and here is to MANY many more! I love you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bye to Jessica & Dad's birthday

My friend Jessica is embarking on a new adventure-grad school in Indiana, so we got together Saturday night to say goodbye. We went to Chopsticks, where I sang karaoke for the first time! I don't know how I have never sang before! We sang a Gwen Stefani song and we were terrible! It was fun though!
Jen and Jessica

Amber and I.

Good luck Jessica! I know you'll be great!
Sunday after Austin came over and helped us with all our moulding we headed to my parents' to celebrate my Dad's 63rd birthday. We had a grilled cheese sandwich bar, which was delicious!
My Grandma and Rick enjoying the deck and nice weather

The weird wisteria pods hanging from their pergola

Hibiscus in the garden

My Dad's annual vegetable garden


Behind my parents property their friend is growing all kinds of beautiful flowers. It was fun to walk the rows and take pictures of all the different kinds.

The beautiful farmland in Damascus

Close up of Crocosmia, one of my faves

A fuzzy purple one

And after dinner, home made peach pie and ice cream for the birthday boy!

My Dad's actual birthday is next Sunday, the 23rd, but since we share our anniversary with that day, we won't be around, we're headed to Bend!
Happy birthday Dad, we love you!