Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My goodness! It's the last day of September! Crazy! I started school yesterday so now it's back to the grind! I am taking 16 credits this semester and I'm in school Monday thru Wednesday til 9:30 pm. It's gonna be a rough semester!
I thought I'd lump all my September pics into one post since that's just easier for me!
Rick and I went to the Beavers vs. Hawaii game a few weekends ago. It was hot and sunny and perfect fall football weather.

Only one picture of Rocco this month. Aren't you impressed. This is his makeshift litterbox. He's getting too big for it!

We got cheap tickets to go see Maroon 5 and Counting Crows in concert. Maroon 5 was awesome, but I was not at all impressed with Counting Crows.
Rick and I at the show, at Clark Co. Amphitheatre

Adam Levine and Maroon 5 stage

Rick had to have cotton candy to enjoy the show

As I've said a few times my reunion was last weekend. I had SO much fun. Everyone was so nice and friendly and it far exceeded my expectations.
Rick and I at Edgefield

Preston and I with Megan, the reunion crasher

Me, Jenica and Anne

Jesse, pregnant Rachel and me

Becky B and me

I've known Megan since kindergarten! We 3 worked at DQ together :)

A not very good attempt at all the Damascus kids that attended the reunion. We did a good job of representing!

Dr. Erin and I

A not very cute pic of Dylan, Becky, Jen and I

Alison and I laughing at Jesse

The whole reunion, minus spouses. I think we had about 200 people there with guests.

Damascus girls with Beau Grant, who was so fun!

Erin, Becky, Lisa, Alison, me and Jen

Old, old friends, me, shellee and Becky

Shellee, me, keri and Merrilee

We stayed the night after the reunion so we hung around outside with a smaller group of people
Rick and Preston
Preston laughing at us
End of the night! Bye Preston!

The next morning we drove to Salem to celebrate Rick's birthday, and Mike, our brother in law's birthday with family.
Rick's only request was a sugary store bought cake.
He got Transformers, I loved it!
Riley, Rick and Rick's cake. Kim made Mike a german chocolate cake, that the adults ate, minus Rick :) It was delish!
Nasty blue tongue from the frosting
Saturday night we had a combined party for Rick's birthday and Becky's going away party, at Eastburn.
Becky and Erin
Tom and Megan, playing Battleship

Rick's co-worker Jackson, and his sweet glasses
I am not ready to say goodbye to my bestest friend!
A goofy one of Preston, Rick and me
Sunday, Rick's friend Jon took us out on the Columbia. It was such a beautiful 85 degree day, on September 28th! I loved it!
Rick wake surfing, he is pretty good!
Rick and I soakin' up the last rays of summer

Well there is September for you! I am all caught up!
I'm headed to Boise this weekend with Becky to help her move. I don't think it's sunk in yet that she won't be around anymore :( I am glad I get to go help her get settled though, I think it will be good for both of us.
Alright, I'm off to school!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rick's 31st Birthday!

It's been a LONG and busy weekend and now it's Monday and I have to go back to school today :( More importantly it's Rick's birthday today!

I promise I will do my best to get all my pictures from the reunion and other things up asap, but it'll depend on how busy I am with school!
To my husband: Last year on your birthday you told me you loved me. One year later we are happily married and I am so excited for what each year will bring us. You make me happier than I ever thought I could be and I love you with all of my heart. I appreciate your willingness to do whatever it takes to make me happy. You are such a hard worker and you make me laugh and smile every single day. Happy birthday Rick, I love you!

This is us last year just before Rick's birthday, on our way to the Justin Timberlake show.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

High School days

As I mentioned before my 10 year high school reunion is tomorrow night. I am so excited about it. There were days that I hated high school with all my heart, but all in all, when I look back on it, it was a great experience. I met so many great people, many of which I am still friends with today, and can't imagine my life without them. All those people leave an imprint on your life, and when you are forced to spend 5 days a week with the same people for 4 years you really get to know people and learn about them and about yourself.
I am really looking forward to seeing the people that I haven't seen in a long time tomorrow. My little middle school in Damascus only had about 80 kids in my class, so we were really tight knit and there are probably more than 10 kids from my class that I have known since kindergarten or 1st grade that I am still good friends with. I know a lot of people can't say that. What I am excited about is that a lot of the people attending the reunion are those Damascus people who I have pretty much never known life without.
So here is an ode to my high school days-1994-1998. Hope you enjoy!
Snowball Soph. year, which my boyfriend of 5 years, Josh Ricker
I still can't believe i was ever this tiny!

Junior year at Jenica's house before a school dance (this is about the fanciest I ever dressed)

Soph. year in Biology with Anne and Jasmine

Last week of school Soph. year in the courtyard. I am wearing a basketball shirt that I had from 6th grade. Wow.
At a basketball game, must be junior year
Working took up the majority of my time in high school. I worked at the Dairy Queen in Damascus with some of my very best friends. We had the BEST job. I still say today it was my favorite job.
Becky and I goofing off at work
Becky and I with our other long time friend, April Dillon after graduation
Becky, Timi and I at graduation

This picture cracks me up! It's Chad Woolner and I at a church Halloween party
My favorite DQ co-workers, at Senior banquet (don't mind my scrapbooking cut edges)
A bunch of good lookin' gals before senior banquet. I'm not really sure why Erin is sitting, but it looks like she's in a wheel chair!
This is Snowball Senior year. I love that I was so tiny, yet I was covering my tummy cause I thought I looked fat. So stupid.
Jen, Keri and I in Becky's backseat for her 18th birthday

Jenica and I in Mexico Junior year. I totally look like a boy!
Last week of school freshman year! This is the time of my life when I wore my Dad's clothes to school every day. Including this shirt.
Shannon and I are so tiny here! I think we had these shirts for twin day. They were credit card shirts and said Life is a Journey, Are you Packed?
Senior year I was in LINK crew, which was basically helping freshman get used to high school. We had a freshman dance with just the freshman and us LINK crew seniors, and that's what this is all about.
Another one of Jenica and I in Mexico Jr. year

Becky and I on our way to work
Matching shoes at Graduation
Last day of Senior year with Jenica and Jeff Gibbs. I took on the crazy project of making these shirts for every senior girl that wanted them. It was an insane project.
Josh and I at a church Halloween party as hunters! So funny!
I was in choir all 4 years of high school, which I loved. We got to go to Disneyland and Canada which were both great memories for me.
Kirsten and I in choir in our robes

Last day of Soph. year-me, Laura and Anne in front of the mustard lockers
Summer after Freshman year Merrilee and I went to Utah for a week long church program for teenagers called EFY (especially for youth). We got to stay in the dorms at BYU and we thought we were SO grown up.
I just love our outfits!
This one is even older. Merrilee and I at Girls' camp the summer before freshman year!
Some of my best girl friends and I all had Mondays off the entire summer before Senior year and we did something fun every single Monday all summer. We called ourselves the Monday girls and made tons of great memories.
All dressed up to go to dinner in front of my parents house
My 16th birthday at the beach with Becky, Shannon and Jenica

Last day of Freshman year with Rachelle and Shakaya
Senior year homecoming week was all about the Wizard of Oz. Here we are on Ruby Slipper day. I bought these red faux alligator Doc Martens with my very first paycheck. They were my prized possession for a long time :)
Last day of senior year

Timi and I in the halls senior year

Thanks Faith for doing this to inspire me to do it too. I can't wait to see all you class of 98-ers tomorrow! Thanks for making my high school experience a great one!