Thursday, August 21, 2008


As you all can imagine, I AM BUSY!
Here it is, Thursday night, 11:30 and I have been running non stop today! Tomorrow will be no different. The perk to tomorrow is a manicure/pedicure session with my best friend in the middle of the day to make me feel somewhat sane for a short 2 hour period. Tomorrow is the rehearsal and at this point, there are less than 48 hours til I become Mrs. Rickster!
I REALLY need to get to bed, but just wanted to let you all know that I'm alive and hanging in there! I doubt I'll be able to get back on here and do much til we get back from our honeymoon, so I hope you'll forgive my temporary absence.
Thank you all for the well wishes and I'll get the goods up here as soon as I possibly can!
Much love,

Monday, August 11, 2008

My bachelorette party!

Well folks, it's official. There are less than 2 weeks left til the wedding, which means we are getting married next week!!!!! I can't believe it. I REALLY can't believe it. I am completely mentally ready, but there are still some logistics to iron out and the time is running low!
Rick and I are really getting more excited by the day to spend our special occasion with you all and celebrate.
We've been pretty busy the last couple weeks. We have both had our bachelorette/bachelor parties and we both had a really good time. I can't believe they are both over already! Now we are just trying to get last minute things done and enjoy our time together before everything gets slightly chaotic in the next week or so.
Besides that Rocco got neutered last week and we had to take Penny in for a scratch near her eye. Our dumb Vet bill is racked up for the month! Hopefully we won't have any more of those for a LONG time.
Ok, so, onto pictures for now! Oh wait, before I forget...I just got the news a few days ago that Heather Arnell Ricker, one of my best friends, is pregnant! So excited for her and Jay! Ok, NOW onto pictures!
My Bachelorette party was at a club downtown called Aura. We had a lingerie shower and dinner and spent the evening there. Everyone I invited showed up, there was no drama and no one got ridiculous! It made me love my friends even more!
Nichole taking a bite out of the naughty bracelet I was wearing

Liz and Stephine

Heidi, me and Becky in her lovely Maid of Honor crown

One of the highlights of the night was when 2 South Korean tourists came up and asked what we were doing. They were fascinated by everything and kept asking about the traditions and why we do what we do. When I thought about it, how bizarre is a bachelorette party?! Love the peace sign and big floppy hat!

Me and beautiful Megan. (Dont you love my bridal boa?)

While we were taking this pic Ang told me she's 4 months pregnant! Congrats Ang!!!

Some of my wonderful friends
Faith, Misty, Becky, Amber, Jen, Jaime and Ang

Amber S., me, Faith and Liz

More ladies...
Jen, Liz, Jaime, Becky, Amber, Stephine, Faith and Jessica

I love this picture! You can see the love in Amy's eyes and she ropes Becky in!

Melissa and I

End of the night with the sweaty hair-Amber, Jen and me

Out on the dance floor with Megan, Amy and Becky

I also love that Preston, my best guy friend, joined in the festivities for awhile!

5 of us girls got a hotel room downtown to make things easier and I am glad we did! We were short one bed, so Steph slept in the nightstand :0)

I honestly have over 100 pictures from that night but posting them all is slightly overboard :)
Rick only has 1 picture from his Bachelor party so I'll get that up soon. Today we went to Sauvie Island for the afternoon so I'll get those up too.
I think that's it for now!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another FYI

The Jupiter just called and said there are only 4 rooms left for the night of our wedding. Because of this, there is no more discount. Hope you got a room if you were planning on it. If not, you better call today!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thirsty Thursday, Portland Spirit & Flugtag!

Welcome to another installment of the Rick & Lauren show :) It's been another busy week!
Rick's friend and Best Man, Jeff, is in town from Japan and has been staying with us. He is off to basketball camp this week, but we tried to show him a good time last week.
Thursday we went to the Beavers game/Thirsty Thursday.
Rick and I afterward at the Marathon

It was like a mini college reunion for Rick. We ran into tons of peeps from his school.
Steve, Christina and Allison-friends of Rick's from college, and Jeff Brubaker (one of my faves of Rick's friends!)

Our little Rocco Taco has been obsessed with the sink and running water lately...

Last Friday after work Brianne and I boarded the Portland Spirit for their afternoon Escape Cruise because our friends The Dimes were playing on board. It was hideous weather for August 1st, but at least it didn't rain on us.
The Portland Spirit

The insane house and dock we saw on the Willamette

Gloomy skies over downtown

Brianne and I "under the bridge downtown" (name that song)

Saturday was Flugtag, the big event of the summer. Red Bull puts it on, and basically people make "flying machines" and push them off a 25 ft ledge and see who's will "fly" the furthest.
It was SO much fun, and even though it was a little cloudy, it wasn't hot so it was nice.
This is what a crowd of 60,000 people looks like. The entire Hawthorne bridge was packed side to side and the whole East Bank was solid with people too!

Team Leggo, our favorite, sending their contraption off the edge. They're even dressed like Leggo men!

Rick and I

Saturday night was my Bachelorette party. I'm still working on those pictures. Only 2 1/2 weeks left til the big day! It's freaking me out, but I'm confident everything will get done before then!
Hope you are all well!