Friday, May 28, 2010

I almost forgot!

I almost forgot! The Wednesday before Preston's wedding I threw together a little party to celebrate the end of Preston's bachelorhood and also his 30th birthday on May 2nd. It wasn't exactly a bachelor party as you can see below:
Rochelle was there as well as 4 of Preston's sisters :)
We went to Player's in Lake Oswego and bowled, it was fun!
Me & Megan
Unfortunately I only got three pictures, but wanted to make sure and put them up :)

Preston & Rochelle's wedding

I am quite behind on my blogging! On May 1st, Preston & Rochelle got married! But that morning, I went to Taylor's baptism. Taylor was the most beautiful little girl, and that has not changed as she's gotten older. I thought her dress was beyond adorable, and the baptismal service, was so sweet, ran by her 2 older sisters, Macey & Ashlyn, and even her younger sister, Josie sang. It was very sweet.
Taylor and her baptism dress
Denene & McKay were in town that weekend so it was nice to see them too, even if it was only for a little while!
Alyssa, me and Denene (oh and Denene's toy firefighter)
On to Preston's wedding!
If you're reading this blog, then you likely already know who Preston is, but if you don't, he is my very best guy friend. We've been great friends since we were 14 and I am thrilled to know he is so happy. His wife Rochelle, is so cute, and I just really love her.
The ceremony
Sealing the deal!
During the reception-Preston with Melissa, a friend of ours from high school
Preston and his beautiful sister Diane
Rick was a little excited about the candy they had
Beautiful Megan and I
Preston asked me to give a "best man" toast at the reception. They didn't have a wedding party, but I was honored to be a part of the event, and say a few heartfelt words, even if he did ask me only 4 days before ;)
The newlyweds at their table
Preston has FIVE sisters, all who are so sweet and cute. Preston is the baby. The sisters wrote a special poem for him, I loved it!
Left to Right: Julie, Sandy, Diane, Wendy & April
The Rickster and I, all dressed up
Melissa & I
Josh & Leslie Ricker's oldest, Sawyer, found some dress up clothes. I saw him in this get up and didn't even recognize him. Too funny!
First dance
Cute table decorations
Amy Benjamin, Amy Lambert Hilton and me
My family!
With the happy couple
Aren't they adorable?
Our buddy Nick came in from Southern California, it was great to see him!
Preston's old roommate, and shorter "twin", Aaron Shober
P & Rochelle leaving, everyone threw pompoms at them
The escape vehicle
After the reception a group of us went to Tachos in Gresham, where we used to go in our early 20's quite a bit. It hadn't changed much, but we couldn't stand it long. The music was deafening and after 10 they pat everyone down before entering because there has been so much gang violence in the area. Yikes!
Megan and a not-so-thrilled looking Nick
Amers & I
Garon, the karaoke king was there for awhile with us, making his customary drink flair.
Cory with his drink flair ala Garon
Singing "Venus" by Bananarama. amy is playing a blow up guitar and her face is classic!
And that's it for wedding pics! P & Rochelle, still so happy for you two :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We will miss you, Penny

Sadly, our cat Penelope Ann Kitty, aka Penny, passed away last week when I was in Mexico. Poor Rick found her in our bedroom, already gone, when he got home from work. I rescued poor abandoned Penny in April of 2007 and she has been the best pet for the last 3+ years.
Penny was totally neurotic-could never get enough food, and had funny quirks, but she was also the happiest, sweetest and most loving cat. She couldn't stand to not be in our laps if we were home. Pets really do become like children, and we feel her absence greatly in our home.
Poor Penny had been having some vision problems, but nothing to alert us to her being sick enough to die. Regardless, I am glad she isn't suffering anymore.
We love you little Penny!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

End of Phoenix trip

We had gorgeous weather the last 2 days we were on vacation and we spent the majority of it lying by the pool-soaking up the rays, watching the Blazer game from the pool bar and eating and drinking on the company's dime. Sigh, that truly is the life.
Some adorable baby ducks near the pool
The Hyatt's adult pool area
That night we met up with the Andls-Justin used to be Rick's assistant manager, but they moved to Arizona about a year ago or so. We went to a Diamondbacks game with them, which was a lot of fun. It was my first MLB game. They had to bribe their daughter Caitlyn with cotton candy to want to come. She was too fun to watch with that cotton candy :)
Chase Field

Rick and I enjoying the game from the nosebleeds :)
We had to get a few pictures at the end of the game!
Rick & Justin
The Andls-Justin, Kari and Caitlyn
After the game we headed to old town Scottsdale for some late dinner and my friend Kylee Shields from high school came and met up with us. She has been in Arizona the last couple years getting her Masters Degree. It was so fun catching up with her! (PS Do you think I got a little sunburned?)
Rick & I at dinner
Afterwards we went to Tempe to a dueling piano bar. I wasn't that impressed, but it was fun anyways. Rick, Kylee & I (and a photobomber in the background!)
And one last farewell shot, our last morning at the pool.
What a great trip! So glad we got to do that.