Thursday, July 22, 2010

Karen's day

Last Saturday was Karen's day! I went to her bridal shower and bachelorette party. Karen is my best friend Becky's sister, so she is like an older sister to me as well. Both her shower and bachelorette party were a lot of fun, and the added bonus of course was that Becky was in town from Boise and we got to spend a lot of time together!
Becky and Karen at the shower
Karen and her best friend Peggy
Becky's Mom Jan, and her Grandma, Evelyn
Becky and I in the party bus on our way to the Ambassador for karaoke
Karen and her friend Sam singing
Our "party bus" aka a raft van! Too funny!
Another of Becky and I, at a place called Mixers
And one of little Dexter to end it!
In other news, we are having our house painted this week, so that is very excited. I'll definitely get pics up once its done. Rick has been working a TON lately, so I am looking forward to Friday night when we'll meet some friends for Brew Fest, and next weekend we're going camping at Cape Kiwanda with some friends. 
I had a job interview this week. Its for an alarm company doing admin and sales support stuff. Its not really using my degree, but I really just need a job at this point. It seems like a pretty good place to work, and my good friend Jaime works there too, so that would be fun. I should hear by mid-week next week whether they want to interview me again, or if I didn't get it. I'll keep you posted!
Hope all is well with all of you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This and That

 Blogger has a new weird format, so if this looks at all weird, I apologize! Well I have now been a college graduate a month and I don't have much to say really. I have been job searching almost every day. There seem to be a LOT of jobs out there but not one person has called me for an interview. It is getting really frustrating, and I have never had to spend this much time looking for a job. A product of the times/economy I suppose. Regardless, I am ready to start working. I feel bad that I am here half the  day doing nothing but putzing around, reading, watching movies etc. We have been doing fun stuff in the evenings...I love being able to go to Happy Hour, or a baseball game, or whatever we feel like doing. 
Dexter is doing great, he feels like he's always been part of the family. He and Rocco are best friends and they run around all over the house and play. 
At the end of June we went to our friend Kody's birthday party at Eastburn, where Rick DJ'd.

Heather and I at Kody's birthday, and Ronn in the back
We also went and saw one of our favorite comedians, Aziz Ansari at the Aladdin in June. You may have seen him on Parks and Recreation. We love him!
Ashley and I another at Eastburn again, for Alex's going away party
Both of our cats love to drink water out of the tub :)
We had a bbq the weekend of the 4th of July, with just a few people, to celebrate my belated graduation. 
Kelly, Shannon, & Heather
Makelle and 2 of her girls, Morgan, Dick and Peggy, and Brady in the front
Cute Brady (one of Misty's 2 boys)
Brianne and Christina
Jen, Misty and Bryse
Me and Faith
Jay & Gwen

Cute Addison, copying her uncle Jeff
And one last one of the buddies to send you off!
That's about it for us!