Thursday, July 30, 2009

Portland Brewer's Festival & more kitchen pics!

So, has it been hot enough for you? I do find it hilarious that we in the Northwest get so accustomed to our mild weather that when we get a lot of snow and cold and/or sun and heat, that we can't seem to think or talk about much else. Keep in mind, its estimated that only about 60% of Portlanders have air conditioning so when it hits 108, like it did yesterday, it is nearly unbearable. Luckily we have a small A/C unit in our bedroom, where Rick and I have been pretty much camped out the last 4 days or so. At night it is blissfully cold in there, and we even sleep under our comforter with the cats sprawled out around us. The other night I got up to go to the bathroom at 4 and when I opened our bedroom door a wall of heat hit me and I thanked my lucky stars for air conditioning. We never got below 75 for our low the last couple nights, and you know its bad, when today was only supposed to be 100 and I found myself GLAD!
Anyway, the weather is slowly cooling each day by a few degrees and we'll be back in the 80's by next week. The other day Seattle was hotter than Dallas, which I'm pretty sure never happens.
Last weekend was Brew Fest on the waterfront and we went down on Friday night with some friends of ours. The people watching is always good down there, and its just a fun, relaxed atmosphere.
Me, Jackie & Thea hanging out

Being silly

A lame attempt at a group shot, where Scotty decided to show his back instead of his face

Jackie & Thea

Me & Jackie

Rick and I being silly

Another one of us ladies

For some reason, in all this heat, I have continued to work on the house. I might be crazy, but living with out a kitchen is driving me even crazier! Austin has been over a few nights this week helping Rick cut and install our countertops and sink. Every step closer puts me over the edge with joy. Last week I made us sandwiches on our coffee table because there was nowhere else to do it. This week I have glorious new countertops. By getting a smaller sink I have added 12 inches of counter space to the main work area. We just need a faucet and everything all plumbed to have running water!

The tiling is what has been taking me so long. I finished it today, except for around the edges which need to be cut, and I need Rick to help with that, because I can't lift the tile saw by myself. We're planning on doing that part tomorrow.

and here is the my new workspace that I didn't have before. 3 extra FEET of counterspace. Considering all I had before was 3 feet total, I am overjoyed to now have 7! Our old pantry was nice, but I honestly have extra space now with these new cabinets. I never thought I would say I have extra space in our tiny little house, but I do, and that makes this lady very happy!

So, this weekend the docket includes finishing the tiling, sealing the tile and grouting, plumbing the dishwasher and sink, moving in the fridge and range, and putting all the door/drawer handles on. I am hoping for a functioning kitchen by early next week!
Last night I was able to go to my sister-in-law Alyssa's bridal shower, which was a lot of fun. I love seeing all of Adam's nieces and nephews. There are 11 of them now, and 1 on the way (Denene is pregnant again-so excited for her!), and they just grow up so fast. They're such cute and good kids, I wish I got to see them more often! Well, that's it for now!
Hope you are all managing to stay cool!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Scott & Jackie's engagement party

Our good friends, Scotty and Jackie are engaged! We're so excited for their upcoming wedding in October! Rick is a groomsman, so we are even more involved, which is really fun! They had their engagement party last weekend, but Rick had to close at work, so we didn't make it out to their house until mostly everyone was gone. We had a great time with them anyway, and who needs other people to celebrate?!
Joe, Rick, me and Jackie enjoying a nice Beaverton backyard fire
Me with Scotty and Jackie's dog, Vincent

Jackie, cracking up and Rick pretending to go up and down an escalator behind their retaining wall

When we ran out of firewood we went inside and enjoyed some delicious pie...

And some drinks that Scotty made us...they were so fruity that we were actually chewing the fruit. He threw strawberries in there, stem and all. He cracks me up.

Scotty, Joe and Rick toasting

Rick and Vincent

I thought I'd get some house pics up. Progression has been really slow lately. It's been so hot and I have had the busiest workweek ever this week! Busiest in three years actually. By the time I'm home from work at 4, during the heat of the day, I have nearly no motivation to start tiling!
Rocco on the tiled floor. This is pretty much all I have done so far.

This is last week when we got the cabinets up

To show you the colors I picked...the brown color is what the whole living room will soon be painted.

This is where there used to be a wall. I love how open it is now! That hole is where the fridge will go when all is said and done.

The entry tile.

That's it for now! Another busy (and scorching hot) weekend ahead! I'm hoping to get some tiling done in the early mornings before it gets too hot! Adios!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In memory

Today marks the 4 year "anniversary" (for lack of a better word) of Adam's passing. Each year I learn so many new things about myself because of what Adam dying has done to change my life. Each year on this date I find myself feeling new and different emotions. I think back to that day, where I made the hardest decision I will probably ever have to make, and I marvel that somehow I was strong enough to endure that time in my life. I think about how grateful I was to have Adam in my life for a few short years, and how many amazing and fun memories I have of him. I miss him, but then I get conflicted and confused when I think about how blessed I am today, and how grateful I am for my life today-my marriage to Rick, and my outlook on life. Things never happen how we want or expect them to, that I know for sure. I've said it many times, considering where I've been, I couldn't be in a better place. Each year on this date I get a little hung up about hurt feelings, and feel sad for what could have been, but isn't. Today, I read this quote on a friend's blog and it only bolsters what I already know to be true.
“This is our one and only chance at life—here and now. The longer we live, the greater is our realization that it is brief. Opportunities come, and then they are gone. I believe that among the greatest lessons we are to learn in this short sojourn upon the earth are lessons that help us distinguish between what is important and what is not. I plead with you not to let those most important things pass you by as you plan for that illusive and nonexistent future when you will have time to do all that you want to do. Instead, find joy in the journey—now.”
Thomas S. Monson
Life is so short, and it is important to find joy in our lives instead of getting hung up on the dumb things that we always seem to get hung up on. We only have one chance, so we better make it good! I have such a hard time worrying about what other people think, even though I KNOW it isn't important. So today I hope you'll each enjoy your journey a little more, and worry a little bit less.
And please keep Adam in your heart and mind if you knew him. He meant so much to so many people and I think its important to learn from his story.
Here's to you Adam!

Adam at Jenny Lake, in Teton National Park, summer of 2004

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coldplay concert

Rick and I went to the Coldplay concert at the Clark County Amphitheatre last Friday night and had a great time. Coldplay is one of my very favorite bands, so I was glad to finally have the chance to see them live!
Can you guess what song they're playing? Yellow of course!

Lots of our friends were there at the show, including Brianne & Faith

This is the most confetti I've ever seen! It was awesome!

Trickster and I

Faith and I

Of course traffic was a complete nightmare getting out of there, but other than that, we had a really great time!

Dylan's 30th birthday

For Dylan's 30th birthday, he wanted to go to a nearby park and play kickball with all his friends. It turned out to be a great idea! I couldn't play because of my foot, but everyone had a really great time. We need to do things like that more often!
The scene at Creston Park

Benny gearing up for a serious game of kickball

Jen's team

Rick, in his kickball outfit. I think he stole the show.

The score keepers, Bill in his work clothes and notice the little boy in the background...

He wanted to play so we let him. Turns out he got a home run. It was pretty funny!

Dylan's team

Rick taking a break

Bill caved and played in his dress clothes. Look at that ball fly!

Breaking from a team huddle

The beautiful dusk sky Saturday evening

Dylan, the birthday boy, and Rick's sweet new mp3 boombox :)

Later that night, back at Dylan & Jen's, the boys playing Rockband


Rick and poor Miles

Jen and I

Rick crashing a cute picture of Max and Devin

Dylan playing fake guitar along while we sang him happy birthday

So, this shirt was at the park and Ethan picked it up, assuming it belonged to someone at the party. No one claimed it, so we thought it would be funny to sign it and give it to Dylan. David came in as we were signing it and asked why everyone was writing on his shirt! Too funny!

Rick DJ'ing while Bill and Amber have a dance-off

Their audience

Jen and Rick (and Miles) join in the dance party

Jen & Misty

More Rockband

Even more Rockband!

Me with Dana & Joel Elkins

And that's it! It was a really fun night, we had a great time! Just glad Dylan is 30 before me, ha ha!!