Thursday, July 31, 2008


If you are staying at the Jupiter the night of our wedding, make sure and ask for the discount price they are offering to our wedding guests. For a standard room it should be $109, not $144 and there is definitely no 2 night minimum! Also, if you are staying, let me know, because I think we'll all go to breakfast the next morning :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun in Southern Oregon

Rick's friend from college, Aaron (aka 2A) Breswick got married in Shady Cove, OR this weekend so Rick and I made the journey down. We loved Shady Cove, a little rafting town on the Rogue River with beautiful scenery and lots of charm. The place that Aaron and Danae were married was right next to our hotel and was so cute! The whole experience was a great one, and I'm so glad we went. We were also able to do some sight-seeing on our way home, which was fun too!
On to pictures!
Rick & I waiting for the wedding to start

Danae & Aaron during the ceremony

The wedding party-I loved the orange dresses!

I also loved this cake, even though some little one stuck their finger in it!

Tate (Aaron's brother), Aaron (the groom) and Rick

Cutting the cake

Rick & I

Scotty's dog Vincent, maybe the ugliest dog I've seen in person.

Later in the evening we had fun dancing to a live band

Rick, doing the robot :)

A happy woodland creature watching the events

The next day we drove north and stopped for awhile at the Rogue River Gorge, where we spotted this guy. If you look close enough you can see his tongue out licking the metal.

Rogue River

Down river

Rick and I at the top of the gorge

up river again

I realized I've never put a pic of Rick's new Scion up! We call it the Toaster. It racked up a lot of mileage during this trip!

Next, we stopped at Crater Lake, because I've never been! I'm glad we did. It was worth the extra driving (that Rick did) to finally see it! It was a bit hazy from forest fires, but the water was the most unbelievable shade of blue I've ever seen!
Crater Lake and Wizard Island (and a smidge of snow left)

Rick and I-such the tourists!

A picture of the shoreline gives you an idea of the true color of the lake, and the clarity of the water!

One little tiny puffy cloud

Another one of us

A cool old tree!

That's it for pictures! After Crater Lake, we drove up through Bend, and had dinner with Rick's friends Corey and Addie that live in Bend. It was a LONG day of driving, but it was a lot of fun and a good little weekend vacation for us!
Time is flying by! I have my bachelorette party this Saturday and am trying to iron out more last minute details! Only 3 1/2 weeks left people! Crazy!
Oh this last week I got my Associates Degree in the mail. I am official! It feels good! Thank goodness I have 2 full months of summer left though before school starts! I'm not looking forward to it quite yet!
That's all for now everyone!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Family Bridal Shower

On Sunday my Mom and Becky threw me a beautiful bridal shower at my Mom's. It was a great mixture of my family, Rick's family, old family friends, and newer friends too.
The "event" sign and Becky's Exterminator (that's what my Mom calls her car)

Delish dessert and the cute towel cake my mom made

My Mom, Grandma and Aunt

My old friend Shellee and I, obviously laughing at something hilarious

My super cute boss, Sue and I

Rick's family table-Grandma Vesta, niece Kailey, Sis Kim, Mom Peggy, me and niece Riley (all making their first appearance on my blog!)

My neighbors growing up-Deana & Carrie Butler-and Carrie is the wonderful person who is making our wedding cake!

Cute Amy and Becky

Kim, and Riley showing her winnings from a game
Amy and Shellee voting for "Love Bingo"
I vote for Rick of course
The Love Bingo cards
Me and all my nice gifts
Rick's entrance, when everyone applauded :)
Showing off gifts (thanks Peggy!)

Showing Rick his favorite gift-Hotel Collection towels!
Cute sign from Jenica explaining how she and I are going to live happily ever after
My funny bouquet that Jenica put together, complete with wooden spoon in center (which I
think looks like a corndog
The new bride and I
The end of the afternoon with Becky and Amy

Thank you again to all that helped, all that came and thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts. We appreciate each and all of you and love you all more than you know!
Well yesterday marked the one month until our wedding. Can you believe it? Less than a month to go? I feel like there is a lot to do, but there isn't. Everyone keeps asking if they can help! Thanks all, I wish I could think of something for you to do :( I'm sure as things get closer and I start panicking that I'll think of things for you to do. Sometimes I get a little OCD when it comes to details and wanting to do everything myself. I wonder where I get that from (ahem, MOM!)?
We are off to one last wedding this weekend (before ours anyway), down outside of Medford and we are planning on making a day trip to Crater Lake as well. I've never been there before, or at least since I can remember, so I'm looking forward to all of it.
I've been talking to my out of town friends about their travel plans and when they all get into town and that is making me even more excited about our wedding. I can't wait to see all you out of towners :)
Anyhoo, I think that's about all I have going on. I have a marriage license in hand, as of yesterday so we are ready to go! Wahoo!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camping & Katie's Baby Shower

Last Friday night Amy, Becky, Brianne, Faith & I went camping up in the Zig Zag area, along the Salmon River. We found the perfect site, and it was beautiful and best of all, FREE!
the portion of the Salmon River where we camped

Our camp area. I might have forgotten the tent we slept ON the tent under the stars!

Amy, on top of the huge rock, throwing wood at me

Becky's awesome outfit...she forgot shoes so socks and flip flops were super pretty

Amers being silly while playing Mad Libs

Becky brought Lucy and she was cold til she put her hoodie on

I just like Amy's face here in the background

I know you'll all love this! We used brownies in our S'Mores instead of chocolate. It was a hit!

Camping was great! I'm so glad we went, since that's really our only chance all summer!
We had to come back at a decent time on Saturday for Katie's baby shower...
Katie holding up tiny clothes that were Travis' (her hubby) when he was a baby!
Makelle, little Ruby and Becky
Katie with the gift I gave her
Katie's adorable foster daughter, Lupe
And one hilarious picture of Lilly. I promise she's much cuter than this, but who could resist a pic of this face??

I have tons of pictures from my bridal shower at my Mom's on Sunday so I'll do my best to get those up soon.