Monday, October 10, 2011


Here's another week's worth of pictures! Again, they're out of order, but here ya go!
Saturday we went down to the Beavers game against Arizona. We have several friends that are AZ alums, so we rode down on the alumni bus with them and it was a lot of fun. It was one of those perfect fall days-70 degrees, warm and sunny but that crispness in the air. Exactly right for football!
Reser Stadium
Channing Frye is an AZ alum, former Blazer and a current Phoenix Sun! The AZ alumni association arranged for him to come meet with everyone, which was pretty cool. Then when he went to sit down, he came right over and sat next to me. Awesome! He's a super nice guy!
The Rickster and I in our Beaver gear
Jenn, cheering for the Cats
This last week I finally switched  my summer clothes for my winter clothes...goodbye sandals, hello boots. As usual, I had helpers...
I got my hair done on Thurs. Just the usual cut and color...
I met up with my friend Shannon at a ramen place called Wafu. It was opened by 2 guys I went to high school with-Kevin Carroll (who I've known since I was 5, and Trent Pierce. It was excellent, I highly recommend it! And I got to hear about Shannon's travel adventures. She'd been in Asia for the previous 4 months, so it was great to catch up!
One last one from Vegas that Ronn sent me
Wednesday we went to the Oregon Food Bank at work. It was really rewarding. We scooped 233 servings of rice, per person!
Serena and I looking awesome!
More Beavers game shenanigans
Friday night we went to Dante's for Jaime's birthday-to see Super Diamon, a Neil Diamond cover band! Here's Jaime on stage for Sweet Caroline.
Rick and Friday night's dinner-a Shawarma (just like a gyro, but better!)
Saturday's amazing weather...
Oh, another from Vegas :)
I was feeling a bit down on Thursday due to a Dr. appt. I have to get a bunch more testing done for Adrenal Fatigue, gut microbes and heavy metal toxins. I am so over this medical crap. I just want to be better.
To cheer me up, Rick got me these!
my cuddlers!
Leaving you with this peach!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Las Vegas

We took a long weekend last weekend and went to Vegas for Rick's birthday. We got those super cheap tickets on Spirit Airlines and a great deal on a hotel, so we went with our good friends Ronn & Jenn. Aside from Spirit really sucking, we had a great weekend! It was hot, and a good mix of relaxing and go-go-go times.
Ronn's best friend Rob, and his wife Kristin, live in Vegas, so they spent a good portion of the weekend with us. Sunday afternoon they brought their adorable baby Addison out to lunch. She was a lot of fun.
Friday night we went downtown to old Vegas and played down there. It was a lot of fun! I love the people watching and all the "old" glitz and glam!
me, Jenn and Rick with our yards-a must-do downtown.
This is a picture of a picture so its not great, but Saturday night we went to Minus 5, in the Monte Carlo, an ice bar where they give you a coat, boots and gloves to go hang out in their 28 degree bar where every last thing is made of ice! It was very cool, and we had a good time!
Pool time at the Planet Hollywood on Friday
The view from Ronn & Jenn's room of the Eiffel tower, and the Bellagio fountains (my fave!)
a bacon chili dog from Pink's (yum)
The Bellagio!
This the H&M in Caesar's. Slightly cooler than our H&M.
I love the Bellagio observatory! Everything is made from plants!
View of the south strip from our room
pool time :)
Bellagio conservatory
Rob & Rick hanging out
Friday afternoon we got to see a thunder storm from the 52nd story. Too cool.
Brunch one morning-we split an amazing breakfast burrito and dorito crusted mac n' cheese. Needless to say I ate full gluten that weekend!
One of my favorite places-the Chandelier Bar in the new Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was awesome.
pre-sunset Saturday
Jenn and I night one
A very bare Mt Hood on our way out (bet its looking different today!)
The end!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Another week of pics!
I got a whole afternoon to myself one Sunday. Those are RARE! Look at this snuggler!
Kelly and I went to the Hollywood Theater to see Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary documentary. It was amazing, fantastic, wonderful, inspiring...I may like Pearl Jam a little too much. If you even like the band a little, I highly recommend the movie. Its showing on PBS on Oct 21st at 9pm. Watch it!
PS How cool is the Hollywood Theater?
Sleeping babies
At work I have been spending a lot of time helping out with a brand new truck that we launched. The very first one was built this week, and we went over to go see how it looked! It was pretty exciting to sit in it and see a truck that you had a part in! We weren't supposed to take pics, but I did :)
Kickball that Sunday was Portlandia themed. Rick's attempt at a hipster outfit.
Dexter, in my suitcase, getting ready to pack for Vegas!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Emily and Danny's wedding

Rick and I attended Emily and Danny's wedding on September 22nd. Emily is my oldest friend in the world-we've known each other since my birth! Our parents are great friends, and I love that no matter where life has taken us, Emily and I have remained friends, and grown closer especially over the last several years. Emily is also my hair stylist extraordinaire. She is responsible for the over all color, cut and maintenance for my hair, as well as doing my hair for both weddings, and Amy's wedding. She is amazing, and I was priviledged to not only be at her wedding, but be the photographer as well. These are all from my cell, enjoy (they're out of order)!
Em and I towards the end of the evening
With Sarah and Rachael-Emily's cousin and sister
Thought these napkins were adorbs!
Emily's best friend, Bethel and I, being goofy
Emily's beautiful niece Heidi
Rick at the "afterparty", DJ'in it up!
Cool spiral staircase (and my TOMS) at the after party
Rick and Emily dancing the night away
Rick and I during the reception
Lyndsay and I at the after party
Emily all ready, waiting to go get hitched!
I got some great pictures at the wedding, some of which are on my photography facebook page. More to come on there soon, as I get some time to edit. If you ever want to look its just
Love you Em and Danny, CONGRATS!