Monday, October 10, 2011


Here's another week's worth of pictures! Again, they're out of order, but here ya go!
Saturday we went down to the Beavers game against Arizona. We have several friends that are AZ alums, so we rode down on the alumni bus with them and it was a lot of fun. It was one of those perfect fall days-70 degrees, warm and sunny but that crispness in the air. Exactly right for football!
Reser Stadium
Channing Frye is an AZ alum, former Blazer and a current Phoenix Sun! The AZ alumni association arranged for him to come meet with everyone, which was pretty cool. Then when he went to sit down, he came right over and sat next to me. Awesome! He's a super nice guy!
The Rickster and I in our Beaver gear
Jenn, cheering for the Cats
This last week I finally switched  my summer clothes for my winter clothes...goodbye sandals, hello boots. As usual, I had helpers...
I got my hair done on Thurs. Just the usual cut and color...
I met up with my friend Shannon at a ramen place called Wafu. It was opened by 2 guys I went to high school with-Kevin Carroll (who I've known since I was 5, and Trent Pierce. It was excellent, I highly recommend it! And I got to hear about Shannon's travel adventures. She'd been in Asia for the previous 4 months, so it was great to catch up!
One last one from Vegas that Ronn sent me
Wednesday we went to the Oregon Food Bank at work. It was really rewarding. We scooped 233 servings of rice, per person!
Serena and I looking awesome!
More Beavers game shenanigans
Friday night we went to Dante's for Jaime's birthday-to see Super Diamon, a Neil Diamond cover band! Here's Jaime on stage for Sweet Caroline.
Rick and Friday night's dinner-a Shawarma (just like a gyro, but better!)
Saturday's amazing weather...
Oh, another from Vegas :)
I was feeling a bit down on Thursday due to a Dr. appt. I have to get a bunch more testing done for Adrenal Fatigue, gut microbes and heavy metal toxins. I am so over this medical crap. I just want to be better.
To cheer me up, Rick got me these!
my cuddlers!
Leaving you with this peach!

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