Monday, October 3, 2011

Las Vegas

We took a long weekend last weekend and went to Vegas for Rick's birthday. We got those super cheap tickets on Spirit Airlines and a great deal on a hotel, so we went with our good friends Ronn & Jenn. Aside from Spirit really sucking, we had a great weekend! It was hot, and a good mix of relaxing and go-go-go times.
Ronn's best friend Rob, and his wife Kristin, live in Vegas, so they spent a good portion of the weekend with us. Sunday afternoon they brought their adorable baby Addison out to lunch. She was a lot of fun.
Friday night we went downtown to old Vegas and played down there. It was a lot of fun! I love the people watching and all the "old" glitz and glam!
me, Jenn and Rick with our yards-a must-do downtown.
This is a picture of a picture so its not great, but Saturday night we went to Minus 5, in the Monte Carlo, an ice bar where they give you a coat, boots and gloves to go hang out in their 28 degree bar where every last thing is made of ice! It was very cool, and we had a good time!
Pool time at the Planet Hollywood on Friday
The view from Ronn & Jenn's room of the Eiffel tower, and the Bellagio fountains (my fave!)
a bacon chili dog from Pink's (yum)
The Bellagio!
This the H&M in Caesar's. Slightly cooler than our H&M.
I love the Bellagio observatory! Everything is made from plants!
View of the south strip from our room
pool time :)
Bellagio conservatory
Rob & Rick hanging out
Friday afternoon we got to see a thunder storm from the 52nd story. Too cool.
Brunch one morning-we split an amazing breakfast burrito and dorito crusted mac n' cheese. Needless to say I ate full gluten that weekend!
One of my favorite places-the Chandelier Bar in the new Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was awesome.
pre-sunset Saturday
Jenn and I night one
A very bare Mt Hood on our way out (bet its looking different today!)
The end!

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