Sunday, September 25, 2011

Emily and Danny's wedding

Rick and I attended Emily and Danny's wedding on September 22nd. Emily is my oldest friend in the world-we've known each other since my birth! Our parents are great friends, and I love that no matter where life has taken us, Emily and I have remained friends, and grown closer especially over the last several years. Emily is also my hair stylist extraordinaire. She is responsible for the over all color, cut and maintenance for my hair, as well as doing my hair for both weddings, and Amy's wedding. She is amazing, and I was priviledged to not only be at her wedding, but be the photographer as well. These are all from my cell, enjoy (they're out of order)!
Em and I towards the end of the evening
With Sarah and Rachael-Emily's cousin and sister
Thought these napkins were adorbs!
Emily's best friend, Bethel and I, being goofy
Emily's beautiful niece Heidi
Rick at the "afterparty", DJ'in it up!
Cool spiral staircase (and my TOMS) at the after party
Rick and Emily dancing the night away
Rick and I during the reception
Lyndsay and I at the after party
Emily all ready, waiting to go get hitched!
I got some great pictures at the wedding, some of which are on my photography facebook page. More to come on there soon, as I get some time to edit. If you ever want to look its just
Love you Em and Danny, CONGRATS!

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