Thursday, September 29, 2011


Another week of pics!
I got a whole afternoon to myself one Sunday. Those are RARE! Look at this snuggler!
Kelly and I went to the Hollywood Theater to see Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary documentary. It was amazing, fantastic, wonderful, inspiring...I may like Pearl Jam a little too much. If you even like the band a little, I highly recommend the movie. Its showing on PBS on Oct 21st at 9pm. Watch it!
PS How cool is the Hollywood Theater?
Sleeping babies
At work I have been spending a lot of time helping out with a brand new truck that we launched. The very first one was built this week, and we went over to go see how it looked! It was pretty exciting to sit in it and see a truck that you had a part in! We weren't supposed to take pics, but I did :)
Kickball that Sunday was Portlandia themed. Rick's attempt at a hipster outfit.
Dexter, in my suitcase, getting ready to pack for Vegas!

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